Partners Program

At Seamless Communication Systems we have three different types of sales partners:

  • Independent Agents
  • Managed Service Providers/IT Companies/VAR’s
  • Referral Partners

Independent Agents

At Seamless Communication Systems we attract some of the highest performing Independent Agents in the industry. If you are an Independent Telecommunications Agent looking for high commissions, great support, and a financially stable Master Agent then you are in the right place. We understand you make a living selling telecommunications network services so we stand ready to provide you with the widest selection of carriers, hands-on support from respected industry experts, and the comfort of knowing you have a true partner to support your efforts.

Managed Service Providers / IT Companies / VAR’s

We have built our business by partnering with IT service providers. Some of our most productive and highest earning partners are telephone system dealers and IT Integrators. We understand that if you’re an IT Integrator or VAR that selling network services is often part of a deeper portfolio of services that you offer to your clients. As such, the traditional Master Agent model of sending quotes and carrier order forms is often not sufficient to support your efforts. That’s why we work directly with you and your clients with hands-on support throughout the customer lifecycle—from qualifying your client’s needs to network design, implementation, and ongoing post-install support. We are your partner from end to end. You bring your trusted relationships and we will bring the solutions and support you need to succeed in selling network services.

Referral Partners

You do not have to be a telecommunications expert to become a referral partner. In fact, you don’t have to know telecommunications at all, we have that covered. However, if you are looking for a great partner to exchange business to business leads then Seamless Communication Systems Referral Partner Program may be a great fit for you. You earn a commission on every opportunity that becomes a Seamless Communication System customer.

For more information on how to become a Seamless Communication System partner please call our office at 321-280-8800.