Cloud Services

Looking for the best cloud computing services in Central Florida? At Seamless Communications we offer cloud service for business by partnering with multiple cloud providers thus ensuring your business receives the best solution at the best possible price and value.

Whether you’re new to “the cloud” or you currently use a cloud hosting provider, our team of IT professionals can help your organization with its cloud services so your business saves money and runs more efficiently. Cloud computing for business offers flexibility and enhanced data security.

With cloud computing growing in popularity, business owners are also finding that it can simplify their IT management. Working in the cloud is particularly instrumental for a business that has hundreds of employees, multiple work-sites, large amounts of data and a need for data security and integrity. Cloud computing offers IT directors the ability to easily update applications and operating systems with minimal disruption to employees through virtual desktop. The cloud environment also offers the ability to easily manage end users and the applications needed.

With cloud networking services employees can easily connect to virtual servers from just about anywhere and on any device. The ability to connect remotely via virtual desktop greatly enhances workflow and productivity. Cloud server technology offers greater flexibility and reduces the complexity and sophistication required to maintain your own infrastructure. This saves money and reduces cost, directly lowering the total cost of ownership to the business when compared to older premise based infrastructures.

Working remotely is another reason why cloud services are growing in popularity for both small and large businesses. Storing and accessing data in the cloud is easily done when working remotely. This allows for greater flexibility and productivity. Desktop files, shared files, and apps can all be accessed from any device when working in a cloud environment.

Our team at Seamless Communications will explain how cloud technology works, review the best cloud hosting service to meet your needs, and how computing in the cloud offers easy monitoring between your networking/IT staff and your employees.

Data storage and security are two of the more important components of moving to a cloud environment, especially when considering a disaster recovery solution. With a cloud infrastructure, data is easily backed up daily and the risks of hackers is greatly reduced. IT directors can easily install malware protection and anti-virus protection across an employer’s network as opposed to installing on each employee’s individual PC.

Our team at Seamless Communications invites you to call our Central Florida office to learn more about computing in the cloud. We service businesses both large and small with single and multiple locations. We are based in Winter Park, Florida and look forward to helping your organization with acquiring the best cloud computing services for your business.