Cloud or Hosted Based Phone Systems

Whether you have a 10-person company or 10,000, your organization will benefit from using a cloud or hosted phone system. A hosted PBX (private branch exchange) phone system is cloud-based and accessible via an IP network. A cloud-based phone system frees businesses from having to invest in costly phone equipment and maintenance while still reaping the benefits of a sophisticated phone system with all the bells and whistles.

A hosted PBX system includes all the basic features you are familiar with such as voicemail, auto-attendant, call transfer, but also adds enhanced features such as instant messaging, presence, call reporting and contact center to help your business improve productivity without forcing you to add costly infrastructures such as additional IT staff or expensive on-site equipment that requires ongoing maintenance and management. Hosted PBX providers maintain their equipment and software so companies no longer need to support their systems in-house. A hosted phone system can function over the internet or private networks.

A hosted phone system also provides greater resiliency because the intelligence is in the cloud. So even if your location is not reachable, calls still get answered and can be routed to alternate routes such as a person’s cell phone or even failover to another location.

With a hosted phone system, your employees can work from anywhere as your system is virtual. Employees can work from home via a softphone, IP phone or even on their mobile device through a smart app. With IP technology, your company is no longer limited by borders and can work anywhere in the world without incorporating large international long distance surcharges.

With a hosted phone system businesses can also get local virtual phone numbers in cities where they may not physically be located. The largest benefit of using a hosted phone system is the option for growth, the phone system will grow with you. A traditional phone system is limited by the number of users it can support and the number of lines you have purchased. Setting up a hosted PBX phone system is extremely quick compared to a traditional phone system and end-user management is far more user-friendly. With its web interface, anybody authorized can manage, make changes and monitor the service at any time.

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