Telecommunication Services

At Seamless Communications we offer a host of telecommunication carrier services.  Our team of telecom experts can offer customized solutions to meet the needs of your business.  Our goal is to ensure you have the proper voice, internet and data services needed based on your company’s current and future needs.

Telecommunications can involve your internet connection, telephone service, cloud services, and your data needs.  In addition to offering carrier services, we also provide help in reducing your telecom expenses.  In a telecommunications audit, we often find there is overlap in service providers and business owners don’t even know it.  Organizations spend thousands of dollars each year on their phone, internet and data services.  Much of this expense can often be reduced by having the right carrier service that meets the needs of your business.

A telecommunications audit will comprise of looking at your expenses for your phone system, company cell phones, how much data you really need and your internet bandwidth…you may not need as much as you think. Our telecommunication consultants will make recommendations on how you can cut your telecom expenses by using other more affordable carriers that offer similar if not better services based on your needs.

If you find your network is running slow you may or may not have a bandwidth issue. If you’re struggling with how to add additional locations to your network, you may need a more robust solution. If your cell phones are dropping calls or having poor or intermittent connectivity it may be time to switch cell phone providers. These are all areas in which our consultants can help you.

We work with a host of carriers including Spectrum (formerly Bright House), AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Centurylink, plus over 100 others so we can design a customized solution for you. Each telecommunications service provider offers programs for businesses of all sizes. Options include SD-WAN, dedicated fiber, cable broadband and even fixed wireless or 4G LTE for those hard to reach locations.

We invite you to call our Winter Park, Florida office at 321-280-8800 for more information or to set-up a consultation.

After reviewing your requirements, we develop a managed telecom service plan for your business. The comprehensive plan will include recommendations for redundancy and failover solutions, internet and voice services, VOIP and/or legacy phone systems, long distance carriers, and wireless services.

When considering carrier services our team will create a customized plan for your telecommunications needs. We have long-standing relationships with many large providers that enables us to create affordable telecom solutions to meet our client’s needs. Not all clients will require the same solution, it’s our job to recommend the best telecommunications plan that meets your budget and offers outstanding communication for your organization.