Contact Center

The name varies from call centers, customer care centers, contact centers, and help desk but they all mean the same: “An integrated and usually automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between an organization and the public.”

In the past, this “communication system” typically required an expensive telephone system paired with a very costly contact center management software. Not only were the upfront costs high, but the on-going maintenance costs for both the contact center software and phone system are staggering. Plus, many contact centers are seasonal in nature but were forced to buy products and services to accommodate their peak season, which means many resources sit idle for the bulk of the year wasting organization’s much-needed capital. And the never-ending cycle of software updates, patches and bug fixes always seem to impact the business at the worst possible times.

Many clients have turned to the cloud to solve these challenges. Our contact center partners including Mitel, inContact and Five9 and others helps contact centers around the world create profitable customer experiences through their powerful portfolio of cloud-based call center ACD, call routing, self-service IVR, and agent optimization solutions. Their software enables contact centers to operate more efficiently, increase the quality of every customer interaction, create new pathways to profit, and ensure ongoing customer-centric business improvement and growth.

Improve Customer Satisfaction With:

•Universal Queue for Routing Customer Interactions from web chat, email, and voicemails
•Workforce Optimization Suite
•More Effective Dialer Applications
•Advanced Reporting & Analytics

The flexibility of the cloud allows for a consumption model that allows you to pay for the agents and supervisors that you need when you need them. So, if you’re a travel agent and need to staff up for the vacation season or if you’re a retailer that needs to staff up for the holiday season, a cloud-based contact center might be right for you.

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Often-times companies interact with their customers solely through their call center. Our goal at Seamless Communications is to make your customer’s experience easy and allow your employees to collect the data they need in an efficient manner. The complexities around a call center have greatly increased over the years. No longer is a call center used just for telemarketing and reservations, they are also used for collections, catalog sales, surveys, technical support, telephone banking, customer service, and crisis intervention.

With the advancements in technology, many call centers are turning to a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) solution. This allows call center representatives to provide a deeper level of assistance to customers, more so than the customer can get from the company’s website.

Whether your call center is 1 person or 10,000 people, our contact center experts at Seamless Communications can help you. We offer call center integration along with setting up a call center completely from scratch. For more information on how we can help you with your inbound our outbound contact center, please call us at 321-280-8800.