Testimonials and Recommendations

Testimonial from Hugh Cotton Insurance- CFO

Our company needed a flexible communication platform to replace our aging telephone system. Networking through one of our vendors we were placed in contact with Robert of Seamless Communications.   Robert introduced us to the Allworx phone system.

The Allworx system delivers the communication options we need to more than cover all our requirements in a phone system.  The system is completely programmable to our specific needs.  We can connect through our cell phones through the Reach software.  We interface directly with the phone system through Interact technology.    The Allworx combines complex communication versatility made simple for everyday business communications.

Testimonial from Kip Jolly - General Manager

I approached John and Terry from Seamless Communications approximately a year ago for an economical and efficient communications/network solution to increase band width and reliability for our 9 store locations located throughout Central Florida.  John and his team were attentive and helpful throughout the discussion and planning process and provided an excellent solution for our needs.  More importantly, John and his team made the implementation and transition as “seamless” as it could have been.  The transition has been completed now for several months and I am very pleased with the results.  It’s my experience that everyone at the Seamless organization is professional, courteous, and committed to the customer’s needs.  I consider them a valued vendor partner for my business and would recommend them highly.

Testimonial from Patricia Anderson - Operations Manager

In this day and age of automatic this and digital that, it is really refreshing to come in contact with human beings in business with “customer service” as their ultimate goal!

That is what I found with Rob Gross from Windstream and Curtis Malocha and Darryl Wells  from Seamless Communication Systems.  Our non-profit organization was in need of a new phone system, our old system had gotten to the point of zero equipment available and service was non-existent. I began the process of gathering bids on a new system that would of course, fit in our budget and also give us the much needed connectivity with our clients.

Rob Gross was amazing.  He sold his product without damaging the reputations other systems on the market.  We’ve all had that happen; a person tries to promote their product by tearing down everyone else’s.  Not a good thing to do with me – I don’t care if they come in WAY under everyone else they will never get my business!  Rob listened to our needs, made some great suggestions, didn’t try to over sell and again completely sold Windstream to me!!  Rob made another visit to our company to give a presentation to myself and the AT person who does most of our in-house IT functions.  He was clear and patient and answered tons of questions for us.  We signed the contract and waited for the install!

The only additional monies involved after the initial contract were some cabling issues that were discovered once Seamless Communication Systems came out and looked at the phone connections.  We scheduled the training for our staff to coincide with our staff meeting.  Curtis and Darryl were more than willing to come that day for training, start on the actual placement of our phones, start the cabling needed to have all the phones up and running the next day when the “switch over” was scheduled.  They met with Windstream, and our off sight IT person and the switch over was on time and truly seamless!

Both Curtis and Darryl were outstanding with all members of our staff when going over the new phone system.  Some of our staff members are visually impaired or blind and these two were awesome in making everyone feel very comfortable in managing the new system! They even came back the next day to train people individually who still had questions or needed assistance on maneuvering the system.  Fantastic, over the top customer service!

I’m sure that we will have questions as we use the new system and I feel very confident that our answers are just a phone call away with Seamless Communication!

This has been a positive decision for CVI and I am just beaming over the great experience we had working with Rob, Curtis and Darryl, our new phone system and the unlimited ways we can now serve our clients even better!

Testimonial from Charlie McCown- IT Administrator

I take delight in writing this letter of reference for my friends at Seamless Communications Systems.  In a word, these folks are great and I do not hesitate a bit at recommending them for any job big or small regarding their talent of planning and implementing changes in complicated telecommunication and IT related projects.

A couple of months ago our company, Baker Barrios Architects decided that we finally needed to replace our aging phone system.  We settled upon Windstream as our vendor and that is where I met the folks from Seamless.  Though Windstream provides the backbone of the network and infrastructure, the task of implementing the project and training our staff fell to Seamless Communication.

I will have to tell you that it was not with a little trepidation that I approached this project.  I feared that a large change in communications infrastructure like this would be very disrupting to business continuity and workflow.  Such a change can also give users lots of reasons to resist and be generally unhappy and difficult.  As soon as I met the team at Seamless though, my mind was put at ease.

In the weeks prior to the cut-over we all met several times and went over the details of the switch very carefully.  It was clear that the Seamless team had done all this before because they brought up many salient points and details that had escaped my mind.  We then entered into the project feeling very well prepared.  In only a couple of days the entire office had been switched over to new phones, trained and tested.  Everything went far better than I had expected and in fact I felt that I did not really have to do much of anything other than be the enabler for this team of professionals so that they could get their job done.

After the project had finished I needed to call upon Seamless a couple of times to clarify the instructions on setting up new phones and such details.  I was always quite pleased with their quick friendly support and attention to my requests.  They seemed to have a good understanding of exactly what I needed and expected.

The whole thing came off without a hitch and left me wishing that all of my IT project could be so straight forward and free of concern.  I would hire or recommend these folks in a minute if I ever found myself or a friend in need of this type of service. In a word, they were perfect!